The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) welcomes you to browse through this website to see all the exciting things we are planning for the entire year.

TLC is under the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology (formerly the Office of Educational Technology). At TLC we are always raising the level of our own expectations, we believe that learning is endless and technology is our catalyst for developing more student centered learning models. Our role at TLC is to always be educated about cutting-edge technology; to be abreast of the latest pedagogies in teaching and learning; and to think openly, innovatively, and effectively about those activities involving the use of technology to facilitate learning and strengthen our University’s global mission.

TLC is dedicated to effective teaching and enabling learning.

"What matters is the imaginative ways you use technology to enrich a course and not the technology alone."

- Sandra Selick, Director of TLC and the Instructional Design Studio


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